Yes, I forget I have a blog sometimes

No new pictures, stories, or thoughts. With the recent cold weather, I reflected on how unprepared I am. I remembered how I vowed last year not to do this again. I have had frozen pipes more than once. I am now living without hot water until next month. Thankful for the cold running water. Thankful for the little 50s electric range to heat up enough water to take a bucket bath.
I have had too much mail that is now cluttering up two rooms. My sister sent her yearly package of gifts. I have four new ornaments that need homes. I have no tree this year, I will be out of town for the holidays. I am trying to escape other’s expectations. Hopefully, I can avoid any more comments on how Christmas is ruined if there is not an excess of made in China plastic toys and food (hopefully not made in China). I bought zero gifts this year, including for my son’s birthday on the 26th. I plan on getting him his favorite candy and IOUs for cash. I announced I am giving the gift of disappointment. He has already received cash and it is burning a hole in his pocket.

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