I am expecting my internet not to work the next few days

Every time it drops below zero, my Verizon internet service does not work. I thought it might be the lines shrinking or some such phenomenon. It is especially irritating when I know I have many ebay auctions ending, or I can not access more than a minute or two of email or facebook. It is supposed to be super cold during this week starting tonight. I am hoping my pipes stay unfrozen and that I get all my laundry done and put away before I get wiped out. Insert laughter here. I was up super early today, so I need to realize the only thing that I might do today is the laundry. I have to take it to the laundry mat. My septic is struggling to keep up with the flooded ground. My electric does not work in half my house, so my drier can not be used. This would be no problem if I could use two hands and had a clothes line outside. Hanging things with one hand takes too long right now. I am able to put a regular bra on, not sure if I already wrote that. A milestone, I wish my first OT I had in outpatient rehab knew. She always made me laugh and made me feel like a real person. By that I mean she expected me to progress and live a normal life.

I took my dog to the State Park yesterday to run. They had not plowed out their parking lots, so I parked on the side of a back road and let her out. She ran, I walked just a little since it was starting to snow and I had not brought my cell phone. She was out of breath when she got back into the car. We both are going to have to get used to walking longer distances again. I also forgot to bring her some water. I also bought a new shower chair. The one I had, only about a year and half old was cracked and I snapped the back off. I envisioned me falling and cutting myself on the jagged metal that broke and bleeding to death in the shower. It is not the way I want to go. I bought a smaller one without a back. It will force me to sit without being lazy, it will also be easier to pack. I still have to put it together. My exercise ball is still deflated. So two more things I hope to get done today. First I need a nap.

How Not To Take A Selfie



IMG_8017Hair unkempt, check. Lighting bad, check. Hand shaky, check. Background Chaos, check. Don’t smile too much to highlight swollen face, check.

I recently saw on a talk show they now make a gadget to take selfies. I have heard of youtube videos giving out pointers. I am sure I could just google a few tips. I find the best way to learn something is to just do it. I need to practice this a million more times. I never liked anyone taking my picture, but I might tolerate taking some of myself. You know those days when you have nowhere to go and your hair looks perfect? I also have random days I look rested instead of like a crack whore on a bender. If those two days ever do meet, it would be awesome to capture it on film.

So the two things that got me thinking about writing about selfies are totally unrelated. First, I had my eyebrows waxed today. I go to a random person each time and it has been a crap shoot. Today it was not the worse I have walked out of there. The worse was when the girl could not get the wax hot so she plucked a few stray brows. Today I just feel like the girl must have been blind. I am blind, but I could see so many she missed with my own eyes. Too bad it was after I got home, the mirror they shove into my face makes everything look blurry to me. Anyway, I was thinking I would really like to capture the good eyebrow waxing times, then make an 8 x 11 for the next time I get it done. The second reason I am writing about selfies, is I am out of ideas of writing anything good. I do have good thoughts, I just don’t want them published for all to read.

I have thought about stopping this blog, or cutting way back on posts. I am still not sure what my purpose is. The most views I get are on my post on “Owls say Who or Hoo”, what a hoot. I am not an expert on owls or on strokes or on myself. I can’t be ID’d from one selfie or one blog post, or hundreds of each.


Winter Daydreams

IMG_8102Time to assess real estate in a different light. How many snow piles do not melt in your yard? Does that ugly brown from sand roadside snow disappear into the unmanicured lawn? When the blizzard hours do hit can you let your dog out without having to put on boots? I should perhaps write down my thoughts because they change with the weather. I really should of trimmed my dead planters back and threw on some mulch. My yard looks like it belongs in a B movie haunted house. I even still have cobwebs over my front door. I can only see them when I look a certain way as I did today. I am usually fumbling the key into the lock, today I looked up then hung my head in shame. I remembered seeing it there months ago, but that never came back to me while thinking what can I do that takes less than 5 minutes, costs nothing, makes my house look 10x better.


Time for a Quote

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” – Joseph Campbell

Still after 50 years I am trying to find my joy. Today was not filled with joy for me, but I did not look for it. I wallowed in self loathing. Sometimes I wonder why I can not take my own advice, or even think of one good lifesaver floating in my sea of tears.

On a lighter note, I watched an amazing video of my granddaughter in her REM sleep. She was smiling, and snarling. Her head moved from side to side, but that might have been triggered by whoever was holding her. I don’t want to burst her Dad’s bubble, but she was enjoying her dream not the music he was playing. The music could have been woven in, but if he turned the music off the dreaming would not stop. She also will grow up to appreciate her own bands and they might drive her dear dad insane.

The snow in my yard is being replaced with rivers and ponds. I don’t even mind the little bit that is seeping into the slab foundation of my house.

My “Old” Dog’s Birthday


We picked her up from the SPCA on Jan. 5, 2008. She was already full grown, said to be a stray. There is no way of knowing her real birthdate. Her muzzle, legs and even her body are showing much more white hair. She is doped up on allergy meds most of the day. She always liked to sleep 95% of the day, and never wants to be left alone.

I totally forgot her birthday until halfway through the day. Yes, I treat her like the rest of the family, I forget their birthdays too. No gifts given to anyone lately. 

Winter is my stuck in a rut season. It is supposed to be almost 40 degrees tomorrow. I hope I can slap myself out of it before the next artic blast hits here. My 2014 resolution was to walk everyday. Ha, I have not taken a walk yet. I almost fell a few times today at the stores slick parking lot. So fat, lazy, disgruntled old me has a lot to change this year.