My “Old” Dog’s Birthday


We picked her up from the SPCA on Jan. 5, 2008. She was already full grown, said to be a stray. There is no way of knowing her real birthdate. Her muzzle, legs and even her body are showing much more white hair. She is doped up on allergy meds most of the day. She always liked to sleep 95% of the day, and never wants to be left alone.

I totally forgot her birthday until halfway through the day. Yes, I treat her like the rest of the family, I forget their birthdays too. No gifts given to anyone lately. 

Winter is my stuck in a rut season. It is supposed to be almost 40 degrees tomorrow. I hope I can slap myself out of it before the next artic blast hits here. My 2014 resolution was to walk everyday. Ha, I have not taken a walk yet. I almost fell a few times today at the stores slick parking lot. So fat, lazy, disgruntled old me has a lot to change this year.