Time for a Quote

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” – Joseph Campbell

Still after 50 years I am trying to find my joy. Today was not filled with joy for me, but I did not look for it. I wallowed in self loathing. Sometimes I wonder why I can not take my own advice, or even think of one good lifesaver floating in my sea of tears.

On a lighter note, I watched an amazing video of my granddaughter in her REM sleep. She was smiling, and snarling. Her head moved from side to side, but that might have been triggered by whoever was holding her. I don’t want to burst her Dad’s bubble, but she was enjoying her dream not the music he was playing. The music could have been woven in, but if he turned the music off the dreaming would not stop. She also will grow up to appreciate her own bands and they might drive her dear dad insane.

The snow in my yard is being replaced with rivers and ponds. I don’t even mind the little bit that is seeping into the slab foundation of my house.


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