Winter Daydreams

IMG_8102Time to assess real estate in a different light. How many snow piles do not melt in your yard? Does that ugly brown from sand roadside snow disappear into the unmanicured lawn? When the blizzard hours do hit can you let your dog out without having to put on boots? I should perhaps write down my thoughts because they change with the weather. I really should of trimmed my dead planters back and threw on some mulch. My yard looks like it belongs in a B movie haunted house. I even still have cobwebs over my front door. I can only see them when I look a certain way as I did today. I am usually fumbling the key into the lock, today I looked up then hung my head in shame. I remembered seeing it there months ago, but that never came back to me while thinking what can I do that takes less than 5 minutes, costs nothing, makes my house look 10x better.


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