How Not To Take A Selfie



IMG_8017Hair unkempt, check. Lighting bad, check. Hand shaky, check. Background Chaos, check. Don’t smile too much to highlight swollen face, check.

I recently saw on a talk show they now make a gadget to take selfies. I have heard of youtube videos giving out pointers. I am sure I could just google a few tips. I find the best way to learn something is to just do it. I need to practice this a million more times. I never liked anyone taking my picture, but I might tolerate taking some of myself. You know those days when you have nowhere to go and your hair looks perfect? I also have random days I look rested instead of like a crack whore on a bender. If those two days ever do meet, it would be awesome to capture it on film.

So the two things that got me thinking about writing about selfies are totally unrelated. First, I had my eyebrows waxed today. I go to a random person each time and it has been a crap shoot. Today it was not the worse I have walked out of there. The worse was when the girl could not get the wax hot so she plucked a few stray brows. Today I just feel like the girl must have been blind. I am blind, but I could see so many she missed with my own eyes. Too bad it was after I got home, the mirror they shove into my face makes everything look blurry to me. Anyway, I was thinking I would really like to capture the good eyebrow waxing times, then make an 8 x 11 for the next time I get it done. The second reason I am writing about selfies, is I am out of ideas of writing anything good. I do have good thoughts, I just don’t want them published for all to read.

I have thought about stopping this blog, or cutting way back on posts. I am still not sure what my purpose is. The most views I get are on my post on “Owls say Who or Hoo”, what a hoot. I am not an expert on owls or on strokes or on myself. I can’t be ID’d from one selfie or one blog post, or hundreds of each.