Stop The Insanity, Do a Sundance, Fuck This Snow and Cold

IMG_8299I read this blog, Cold Antler Farm, everyday. I like that she is single and bought herself a “scrappy” farm. It is a few hours East of me, but she is in a slightly higher elevation, so not the exact same weather. NY State is huge, and most of the land is not at all like NYCity. Anyway, on March 11, I will be planting some snap peas along with some of her followers….I will post my results here, good or bad.

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Barely Bearly Have Time To Write


I have lots of time, just need better organization and motivation. I did more today than I have in days. I picked up half of my living room. I washed 99% of my dishes. I went to the laundry mat. I made chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I took pictures of Ebay “stuff”. I listed a whole three items on Ebay. I talked to my Mom on the phone (I called her). I talked to my daughter on the phone (she called me). I chatted with my guy on Gmail. I sorted postcards, and still they are messed up. I had them organized at one time, but they have been knocked over or thrown in a hurry into a box more than once. I actually have them in three boxes with some in manilla envelopes to try to keep them separate. I have a problem remembering which ones are listed already, so I went through them three days in a row now. I think a few more days they will be 100% sorted again. It is true I make 1000s times profit on each one, but still only a few dollars on most. That works out to about a few cents a week income, so I don’t rely on just those. I love reading the ones that are over 100 years old. The grammar on some would make an English teacher cringe. Even the printed words are spelled wrong according to spellcheck. One thing though about postcards, by the time you write Dear Petunia, How are you?, I am La Dee Da. When will we see each other? Sincerely your favorite Aunt, Sadie You realize that even though we don’t use snail mail like the “good ole days”, we pretty much can keep up on each others business with a peek to facebook. Postcards have embossing and gilding, poems and gloss and texture, scent and fingerprints, postage and postmarks. Hundreds of jobs to get those messages around from town to town. I wonder if the first person to send a postcard became as wealthy as Zuckerburg.

Winter Break is Over

IMG_8229Winter is still here. Not seeing any green outside yet. I actually had to chip away some ice from the edges of my deck. A few days of above freezing did not take away everything. It is freezing again, and supposed to stay that way all week. Not much I can do about it except hope this is the last week of extreme cold. I have been saying that too much this winter. I just need to make it through and make better plans for next year.


My Teenage Son Does Not Give a Hoot


Well, leave it to me to capitalize on my highest rating search terms for my blog. They are “Owl, Hoo” , really, REALLY. Any way, I thought I would give a glimpse into what my house looks like. It is mostly blue where I have painted. I have vintage furniture, and an used nappy sofa with a million blankets thrown on it. My son is trying to find his own niche in the world. Yes, he does like the unibomber but so far not everyone is trying to be him.

Giving the finger for a picture is just the norm for my family.

I finally started posting some new things on Ebay. My room with the computer finally warmed up to tolerable temps. I guess this is the last really warm day for at least a week. I loved the sunshine. I woke up early and made pizza dough. I made plans that did not happen. I washed dishes and thought about cleaning more of the hell hole I call home. I ventured out onto the slick ice to take a package out to my mailbox. Other than that, I just the same old stuff except with a positive attitude. It was above freezing and sunny, the way I love love love it. I have totally shut down most of the last few months. I have gained over 10 pounds to prove it.

The Big Meltdown

My fear of being frozen forever is slightly eased. I can now worry if these snow mountains that surround my house will melt so fast I will have flooded floors. My house is built on or below ground level on a slab. I believe it is a thin cracked slab. The surrounding area is swampy and my yard is not much drier on a regular summer day.

I have not taken many pictures lately, not taken my dog or myself for a walk. It is a boring lonely life. When I think of all the things I have attempted and failed or not followed through with it brings me further down. My son is off from school this week. He should be awake shortly this afternoon. I hope to take him shopping later today to find a pair of pants that will stay on his long skinny teenage body. They also have to be approved by him which is the tuff search.

Hell and my good spirits have frozen over

It needs to be over 32 degrees for a few days. If it could get to 60 one day soon I might survive until spring. I keep getting beat down by frozen pipes, burst pipes, heaters that don’t work, son that gets lazier and complains more, dog that is stir crazy, bank account that does not cover my bills. My electricity is screwed up and my stove does not work. My internet has worked on and off as it gets into the twenties, but my room is too cold to spend a lot of time in. I have slept uncomfortably on the couch to be warmer. I wish I had not thrown my “space blanket” silver comforter away. It was torn apart by time and my dog. I might seriously try to find another for next year.

If I can get myself together and get the right repairs done to my house without going further in debt I will need to do all I can so this does not happen again. Problems like these are why I wanted to rent an apartment. Teenagers, disabilities and pitbull friendly apartments are hard to find.