Hell and my good spirits have frozen over

It needs to be over 32 degrees for a few days. If it could get to 60 one day soon I might survive until spring. I keep getting beat down by frozen pipes, burst pipes, heaters that don’t work, son that gets lazier and complains more, dog that is stir crazy, bank account that does not cover my bills. My electricity is screwed up and my stove does not work. My internet has worked on and off as it gets into the twenties, but my room is too cold to spend a lot of time in. I have slept uncomfortably on the couch to be warmer. I wish I had not thrown my “space blanket” silver comforter away. It was torn apart by time and my dog. I might seriously try to find another for next year.

If I can get myself together and get the right repairs done to my house without going further in debt I will need to do all I can so this does not happen again. Problems like these are why I wanted to rent an apartment. Teenagers, disabilities and pitbull friendly apartments are hard to find.