My Teenage Son Does Not Give a Hoot


Well, leave it to me to capitalize on my highest rating search terms for my blog. They are “Owl, Hoo” , really, REALLY. Any way, I thought I would give a glimpse into what my house looks like. It is mostly blue where I have painted. I have vintage furniture, and an used nappy sofa with a million blankets thrown on it. My son is trying to find his own niche in the world. Yes, he does like the unibomber but so far not everyone is trying to be him.

Giving the finger for a picture is just the norm for my family.

I finally started posting some new things on Ebay. My room with the computer finally warmed up to tolerable temps. I guess this is the last really warm day for at least a week. I loved the sunshine. I woke up early and made pizza dough. I made plans that did not happen. I washed dishes and thought about cleaning more of the hell hole I call home. I ventured out onto the slick ice to take a package out to my mailbox. Other than that, I just the same old stuff except with a positive attitude. It was above freezing and sunny, the way I love love love it. I have totally shut down most of the last few months. I have gained over 10 pounds to prove it.