Barely Bearly Have Time To Write


I have lots of time, just need better organization and motivation. I did more today than I have in days. I picked up half of my living room. I washed 99% of my dishes. I went to the laundry mat. I made chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I took pictures of Ebay “stuff”. I listed a whole three items on Ebay. I talked to my Mom on the phone (I called her). I talked to my daughter on the phone (she called me). I chatted with my guy on Gmail. I sorted postcards, and still they are messed up. I had them organized at one time, but they have been knocked over or thrown in a hurry into a box more than once. I actually have them in three boxes with some in manilla envelopes to try to keep them separate. I have a problem remembering which ones are listed already, so I went through them three days in a row now. I think a few more days they will be 100% sorted again. It is true I make 1000s times profit on each one, but still only a few dollars on most. That works out to about a few cents a week income, so I don’t rely on just those. I love reading the ones that are over 100 years old. The grammar on some would make an English teacher cringe. Even the printed words are spelled wrong according to spellcheck. One thing though about postcards, by the time you write Dear Petunia, How are you?, I am La Dee Da. When will we see each other? Sincerely your favorite Aunt, Sadie You realize that even though we don’t use snail mail like the “good ole days”, we pretty much can keep up on each others business with a peek to facebook. Postcards have embossing and gilding, poems and gloss and texture, scent and fingerprints, postage and postmarks. Hundreds of jobs to get those messages around from town to town. I wonder if the first person to send a postcard became as wealthy as Zuckerburg.

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