And Again

IMG_8393Whiney, bitchy winter post. I stayed home today. Not much got done. I took a few pics of things to sell. I made homemade pizza in the electric skillet. I made sure Ashley knew I was not going anywhere. She freaked out yesterday since we had to leave her home alone while I took  my son to his appointments. We came home to millions of used paper plates scattered around. She had fun licking off all the foods that she is allergic too. Today she was extra itchy and gassy. She is lucky she is cute. She is also lucky she did not set the house on fire since many of the paper plates were shoved against the electric heater.

We finished watching Breaking Bad the other day. I can’t believe Hank died, and Gomey. Poor Jesse, Holly, and Flynn they will be scarred for life. My teenage son who does not like anything, now wants to go visit New Mexico. I am so happy, since getting him interested in anything other than video games is a full time, unsuccessful chore. We want to go for different reasons, but at last I interested him in a road trip.