Saint Dominic Medal

IMG_8411I am not religious, but I have three religious medals I am selling on Ebay. I like how this is worn down, most likely from someone hanging on to it while they asked for something.

I keep forgetting to write down what I want. I need to first because I forget so often. Second it is my way of letting the universe know. Things were kind of not going my way the last few days, but I keep fighting against the Universe. I figure the Universe does not know what I want. Let me make it clear, I am tired of struggling and trying to figure out how to pay my medical bills and my Winter heating bills. I need to know where to put my energy into earning more, as much as I can with my physical limitations. I like selling things on Ebay, and some months are more hopeful than others.

Tomorrow, all I ask from the Universe is that my car starts and I have time to drive to take the garbage and drop it off, do my laundry at the laundrymat, stop at the store to buy a few groceries and still have energy to put everything away when I get home. I also have to stop by the town office to get their letter notarized.

I planted a few more serrano pepper seeds today. My peas are sprouted and look like mini vines already. I also have watermelon (I keep trying, but not a good northern crop), green peppers, cherry tomatoes and purple tomatoes planted. Nothing else has sprouted yet. These are all inside on my kitchen counter. It has been near 0 degrees at night and we still have a foot of snow to melt.