Challenging Myself To Stay Positive

IMG_8581I have just decided on a whim to focus my blog, this blog, to be about positive about my life and try to block out the negative. It seems almost impossible for me, since I have been deeply depressed since the beginning of Winter. It also seems like a huge task to block out the negative, but we do it all the time. I love elephants. (many of my Ebay items when bought send a small donation to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary) I love to go to the circus, and just never really realized that by supporting the circus I am contributing to possible abuse of these highly intelligent creatures. To some extent zoos are not the ideal place to house wild creatures either. Awareness brings both negative guilt to me, but at least swaying to the positive side of the Universe by making me more aware. Well this paragraph might not get my point across or even be coherent…..but I know what I mean. For my challenge I will post at least one positive statement each day….and will leave out all my swearing, whining, and complaining and that is an enormous (elephant pun) challenge for me.

My positive happenings today are: I woke up earlyish for me and started working on Ebay. I enjoyed the bright light coming in from the window even though it is snowing on this second day of ¬†Spring. I am looking forward to going to the auction tonight. It is both a night “out” for me and a chance of finding something that might make me a few much needed dollars.

My positive thought for the day: I would love to help so many causes, but, I realize to do so I must help myself first. Yay to not starving or being a frozen popsicle for one more day!


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