Still Working On Being Staying Positive


From a vintage 1960s postcard, I bring you kitties, tulips and a butterfly. Dreaming of rainbows and lollipops I am not.

Positive thought of the day. It will be above freezing today, but not too warm as to make the spring flooding worse.

Positive actions: I am still working on listing all my Ebay stuff while I have free listings left. I also hope to get my garbage ready to take today and stop at the store for flour to make pizza dough. My son only eats pizza I make at home for his school lunch. He is able to get free lunch since people on SSDI (me) live below the poverty level, but his eating habits have been a part of my anxiety since he was about 3 years old. From ages 1 to 3 he ate almost every food I did. From about age twelve to now he might try 2 or three foods a year and add a new one to his list. So I make his pizza at night, and hope to get him to cook soon, or at least wash dishes. On a positive note I have been able to rely on him waking himself up and getting ready for school without any input from me. This is huge since he hates school. It is also huge since I have not even been conscious the last few days as he left for school.