I enjoyed getting out of the house today

My positive part of a crappy weather day…I hate being surrounded by gloom and despair, that is how my house with a flooding yard, overflowing toilet, flooded foundation and leaking kitchen pipes brings me down. I went to my book club meeting and did not think much about my problems until I got back home. On the way there I stopped at a thrift store and scored two small bags of stuff to add to my “for sale” hoard. That means I will have a lot of work to do tomorrow to make sure it gets listed and not tucked away and forgotten.

I really really enjoyed getting out and talking to people other than myself. I did not wear my afo or use a cane. It must be the damp weather that has me slightly swollen on my “bad” side. I walked dragging my slippered left foot along through the puddles. I had my bad hand tucked into my sweatshirt pocket and used my good hand in the other pocket to hold it from “moving funny”. I still was super self conscious, but I feel better off than the young blind girl that showed up.