Only Positive On A Nice Day

Of course everything was not perfect, but since I tend to forget things anyway I will choose to forget the negative today. It was so sunny, so warm, so windy, so much of the weather I love. I did stuff even though I am still not feeling 100%. I took my garbage and recyclables to the transfer station. I picked up dog food at the store, a big heavy bag that lasts a month. I stopped at Aldis and another grocery store. I stopped at Staples for my free with rebate paper.  Funny, how once you get something free you never want to pay for it again. You really do pay for it when you buy the printer ink. You pay enough for the printer ink to pay the cashiers salary. At least I had a competent cashier today that knew how to make the coupon work. I found another penny heads up. I picked it up, I did not have any pockets to put it in. I am not sure where it is now. I have been finding many heads up pennies lately. Yes, I am superstitious. Why? because as Michael said on “The Office” I am not littlestitious (or something like that). I planted some more seeds. I did one whole egg carton of coleus. It is very shady in front of my house and the coleus I bought really looked good there. Of course they were in pots. I also planted another egg carton with half peppers half tomatoes. The other pepper and tomato seeds I started earlier are not looking too promising. All my seed starting looks like it stalled. I don’t know what I expected in my cold house, but I will keep trying. I know egg cartons are small so I used some bigger bottles to plant peppers and tomatoes in as well. Everything is on the same kitchen counter.

I also listed more on Ebay, my goal this month is to make enough to get by until next month. I might have better luck picking up pennies.

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