Nothing Better Than A Nice Day

Except to be followed by several more nice days. I also scored some free stuff from craigslist. I have two sets of cross country skis with poles. I will have to figure out if I will need new boots and bindings and if I can even moved my paralyzed leg enough to ski, but I have all summer and fall to figure it out. Meanwhile they will be added to my collection of “stuff” behind the shed. I also acquired a camping grill, that I will salvage the grate out of to make my own brick stacked outdoor cookery (yes I make the names up myself). I also picked up two things to sell on Ebay. I will work a bit on Ebay sales even though I want to do all gardening tasks. I have started three more “bottles” of seeds today. I cleaned up most of the sticks that fell from the trees. I picked up my pitiful gnomies and put them on the table. I picked up some broken pottery. I restacked my pot “tower” bird bath, and moved one of my bowling balls closer to the house since the neighbor kid knocked it off its base. I picked up some garbage that blew into my yard. I planted a $3 rose bush that I splurged on for myself. If it does not grow, I am returning it, since the same store sold me a dead holly plant awhile back. I also took my dog for a run on the way back from the craigslist run. She did not run much, she is so out of shape.

Tomorrow my goal is to drag my son outside. I might have to ban the electronics and games until he takes a bike ride or something. He has over a week off school. His room needs to be overhauled.