Positive Post Number ?? Not the Last

Today was a day of don’ts. Don’t answer your door when it is your drunk ex. Don’t have a yard sale last minute when you are desperate for money. So people show up that you don’t want, and people you want to show up to buy your stuff don’t show up. I am positive I will make more money at my sale tomorrow. It is already on Craigslist…I will have pictures this time. It does not matter if I sell anything, it is all handy to load into the car to take to charity. I cleaned out my shed and home a little more.

I also tried crocheting again while I was sitting out in the shade. It was still challenging, my left hand did not cooperate. I think I got the hang of doing it with just moving my right. But my patients without glasses to see better wore thin. I will try again inside with glasses and better lighting, someday soon.

Hackers Be Damned


If you are smart enough to hack into major companies, then why do you need to steal things? Use your smarts for something useful, like solar energy that does not cost too much or a way to another galaxy so we can spread capitalism throughout the Universe. Any way, I am pissed at people saying they are not going to use Ebay because it was hacked months ago. I just found out, because I live the clueless carefree life. But I try to make enough money to feed me and my son by selling vintage treasures on Ebay. I am not smart enough, or have enough energy to try to hack anything. Why would someone crush the little people? I know several people feeling the sting right now. We need a positive, safe environment to sell our things from home. My rant is over…but I am sending the curse of bad vibes out there to anyone that tries to harm anyone by any means. Even if it is just a bad word, cruel look. Of course me sending bad vibes is not meant to hurt anyone, I do not wish any harm to the hackers, just that they gain the sense to get a new hobby.

I Wish I took Pics Today

IMG_9931I took this pic a week or so ago right after planting….I hope it fills out soon. My grass lawn was mowed by my neighbors yesterday. It took the two able bodied adults about two hours, so 4 man hours to mow and weed whack. It is so short now, my pretty purple wildflowers are gone. I drilled some holes in my pink elephant plastic watering can that I got for free. I filled it with stones so it won’t blow away in the wind. It evens out the color with my pink plastic flamingos. I drilled holes into a container my neighbor gave me and I dumped the rest of the dirt I recently bought. It filled it perfectly. I planted my left over marigolds and some serrano peppers in it. I need my son to help me move it to a sunnier location. I worked on trying to get the lids off two more buckets to make into planters for my container garden. I did not have much luck….but I will keep working on them…maybe bringing them inside so the sun does not burn me. I am out of dirt and out of money to buy more dirt until next payday. It is over a week away and I am impatient. I am transferring paypal money, but I am never sure when that will clear. I also need to buy more food and perhaps more gas to make it to payday. My son has two appointments this week. I am not sure if my other veggies will make it into the ground or containers before mid June. I am not going to stress over it. There are plenty of roadside stands around here.


All Aboard, Next Stop Crazytown


I worked on mowing my yard again….not even 1/4 done and it took much effort this morning and this evening. I can not work in the direct sun for long, so I planted and painted in the shade in between. I have one serrano pepper, one bell pepper and one purple tomato plant each in its own bucket planter. I put upside down bottles over them for now to keep the wind and hail off, warmth in. The rest of my tomato and pepper plants are still inside. They are so small and I don’t have my bed I planned set up yet. I divided my perennial that was in a huge clay pot that cracked all the way around. I left some in the broken pot, until I find a huge pot to put it in. The other two divisions I put in matching purple trash cans that I used for planters last year. I played musical dirt, and ended up putting mostly new dirt with my perennials. I topped off my existing gladiolas with fresh compost, and planted two new bucket containers of new glads. I don’t know if the old ones survived the winter outside. I will just wait and see. I also planted my tiny coleus sprouts out front in planters. I hope it lives and grows fast, they still don’t have their true leaves yet. I watered everything, even though it sprinkled a bit over my house this afternoon. I had more planned, but felt exhausted after the second mowing round.

I spray painted my star shaped wire basket and my cabinet handles silver, they have been waiting by my door for this since last year. I also painted one of my gnomes silver. I used up my purple sparkly nail polish on another gnome. It looks terrible. I painted two solid purple with leftover door paint, they look good. I backed over my newer gnome with my car, f’n car I hate backing up in it. I did not hurt the car, but Mr. Gnome will not have to be planted, he lost his feet and part of his legs. I feel like I got too much sun today, so I don’t know what I will do tomorrow. I also started a fire in my fire pit. I used a tealight candle and felt like a genius. The fire did burn out while I was mowing. The big logs were too wet, but they smoked and charred. I did feed enough smaller sticks to get it truly hot. All I can do is try tomorrow. It turned too windy today. So, I have two more days that others consider a holiday. I spent the last of my money on food. I will be working on trying to sell more Ebay goodies so I have enough gas and food until the next disability check. It is nearly impossible to live comfortably on just disability. Not when you have a car payment. I thought about ways today to make my yard into a non-grass rock and veggie garden with groundcover pathways. That would be fine with me, but I don’t know what the next owner would do. They will probably have to pay to get rid of my rusty relics and whimsy that I like.

Plethora of Worries


My out of control grass screaming to be replaced by something practical, my firepit and pile of dead falling down tree waiting to roast marshmellows, a kitty I never saw before that ran away just as I tried to approach, my ugly chipboard shed, bricks waiting to go under planters, crate I dragged out again for what I don’t know, more dead tree, rain gutter pieces thrown behind my shed (waiting for my son to piece together), one basket planted one planted but on my porch waiting to be hung on the shed, my star fell last year and never made it back up, more chunks of dead tree too big and heavy to lift into my small firepit.

I planned on lighting a fire today…it rained way too much. I need to finish organizing my planters, and put together my shutters for my raised tomato and pepper patches. I don’t have the funds to purchase enough compost or dirt to fill them yet, it is still damp and cold so I worry my whole garden will die before it gets started. I planted carrots and cucumbers the other day. I have my galvanized containers waiting to be turned into a serrano pepper tower, and I still did not glue my fallen birdbath totem back together. I will be working on all this the next few days, or weeks, or months.

New Paths


This pic is a road close to my home, it runs parallel to the railroad tracts. In the “old days” it continued on to the other side of a not so major highway. They chopped several roads off on both sides. It might have to do with too many people driving too close to the tracks. Anyway, I usually walk to here then set my butt on the railing and wait for a train to come by. In this pic one did, you can barely see it through the jungle.

I went on a motorcycle ride with my boyfriend today. It is a big deal since I have not rode on a motorcycle in over 30 years. I had my stroke three years (+) ago. I have been seeing my new hippy dude just over 6 months. He was patient with me while I tried different ways to get on. My stroke affected leg does not lift up high enough. It was just a few inches shy of holding me up high enough on the foot peg to get my good leg over the back. The way that worked was me getting on first, on the lower drivers seat,  then scootching to the back. I needed help placing the bad leg on the peg….but it stayed on the whole time. I “held” on with my affected hand by placing the balled fist (from the stress of doing something new) close to my boyfriends waist where I should have been hanging on. I alternated my good hand to hanging on mostly to him, but grabbing the backboard while he shifted. I enjoyed the view. I would not trust anyone else to give me a ride.

Still Trying To Stay Positive


I will be enjoying this fine day with a walk, maybe take my dog to the state park. I hope to get some more things planted….a very slow process for me. I went to pick up more compost yesterday, they were out. But, I have so many projects going…and still never completed mowing the whole lawn….even slower process than planting with my stroke body.  I can sometimes use my left hand and arm to push, but not always….sometimes it just hangs. Walking backwards and sideways is done very carefully too, I can’t seem to pick up my left foot if not naturally walking forward. All this puts a strain on my good side. I do need the workout, but it causes me pain for about two days. I usually do not have any stroke pain or headaches like I read so many others suffer from. I actually have less sensation and numbness on my left side.

I also will slowly work on listing more on Ebay. I will try to take less blurry pictures during the daylight, then list them after dark until I fall asleep. I already played my online poker today. I won about $20,000, met my daily challenge then quit while I was ahead.

My birdbath totem fell apart again, after staying together for days. I truly think someone walks into my yard to tip it over. My son heard someone walking outside late one night. The next morning my newly planted petunia was tipped, and the glass watering balls taken out of the pot. One was laying on the ground, one sideways in the pot. It looked like it was accidentally walked into, because I have no outside lighting. My stupid cheap chinese made solar lights do not work. They did for a few days last year. I hope to afford some battery powered LEDs this year, I will use rechargeable batteries.

Flowers Are Free, The Best Things In Life Are Free


The Beatles are so right, the best things in life are free…..I still want money, to buy more flowers. I need to get rid of this lawn of grass. I would like lots of raised veggie gardens around my 1/4 acre, but that won’t happen overnight or even this year unless I win the lottery. My youngest son said yesterday I should get a goat. I said I can not afford the vet, or take the stress of it going to the neighbors and eating their good stuff. The same is true for my pipe dream of a mini horse or pony. These yellow buttercups just sprang up all along one side of my house. I am not sure where they came from, but hello how are you? So these flowers were free, plus I have small purple ones growing all over…..still not enough to replace my lawn that is killing me.

I took care of myself today

I finally took a shower and combed out my hair knots. I went and got my eyebrows waxed. That was torture, but so worth it. I bought a magnify glass to check out my stuff for sale for makers marks. My mystery film I took in to get developed is still not back yet….that was bummer, but now I think I better drop off two more to get back by next month. I have old disposable camera’s and film that dates back to 2005 or before. I have no idea what is on them, hence the mystery of which ones I plucked to get developed. I talked with my daughter today about donating my body to decompose for study….after I am gone of course. I wish I could sign up for a free study to do PT/OT on a stroke patients gains years out….hello, any research scientists trolling my humble blog of nonsense?


Different angle of same building I shot a few days or weeks ago…..like an old geometry problem, label the axis and planes???

Slowing Down

My Granddaughter is now 6 months old. She is growing so fast. I feel like I am slowing down. I have not took the time to shower in two days. Tomorrow is the town-wide garage sales. I wanted to put my old shower bench out for sale. I hope I never have to use it again. The problem is, it is kind of buried in my shed. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. It will be a good day to hit up the church sales that should be inside. My deceased neighbor’s house is for sale. Her children are selling her things. I was going to walk over there as well to see if there was anything I could take off their hands. First, I will shower…..so I might miss half the sales.