Feels like Spring


I noticed the leaves were coming out at my house. I was mowing my lawn again today, so I don’t have pictures of my own yard. I have too many outdoor projects going on. The lawn is fully mowed yet after two days of killing my body. Also two days of torture trying to get my son to help. He complains, but it is easier and faster for him. We still have to do the backyard and part of one side. There is a slight chance of rain tomorrow. I painted my gnomies, so my hands are covered in primer. I am thinking of either leaving them white or another solid color…..or using a sharpie to add detail. I picked up more broken terra cotta, and moved more dead leaves from last year towards the compost pile. I restacked the birdbath tower/totem….so I guess that cements the decision it needs glue. I have been thinking of what theme I want to draw on the side of my shed. It should be temporary….as in it will take me years to put new siding over it. I am thinking “peace, love, pitbulls”. Then of course I plan on having at least 3 to 4 hanging baskets/planters of flowers on this wall  too. I started a bunch of coleus inside, since it did well last year in my shady north facing front of my house. They are so tiny now and I don’t know if any of my started plants will be hardy enough to thrive outside in a few weeks. I will probably transition them to being on the porch first before the fierce cruel world. I also noticed I have a plant I thought was an annual thriving all over even out of the pot and on the ground after several weeks of negative temps. That did well in the shade too, so I hope to transfer some to other pots soon. My memory is so bad, I am going to have to label my pots as to which I planted and when.


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