Willows and Water


Another nice day, rare around here. I mowed a little bit, then had to charge the lawnmower battery. I painted two bowling balls and finished the primer on the gnomies. Not much else got accomplished. I hope it is bright enough tomorrow to take pictures for ebay. I also need to do dishes and vacuum. I can not seem to do housework and outdoor work on the same day.

I took my son for ice cream, our first this season. I let him know that was for helping with the lawn. Of course it is still not finished. I hope to get the weed whacker going tomorrow. I might have to do it between raindrops.

I finally have the exercise ball inflated! It only took a few months. I sat on it and did a few things while playing poker online. I need to do more hardcore core workout….but I will wait a few days until the mowing pain goes away.