Missing Positive Posts

IMG_9479I love old buildings. This old industrial building represents my life. It still has business and workers inside! I could hear them shouting over the sound of machines as I took the pick. My insides are still working, thankfully. I still have to interrupt my precious sleep to pee. The broken pains get replaced, not always with prettier panes. A few bricks fell out, but if you get far enough away you can not tell. The patchwork of life. Sometimes it is painful like this holiday just knowing that others have lost their mother or children on Mother’s Day. I am thankful I still have both.

I am going to try to avoid too much sun today. My nose is still red from the past few days. I have many things to list. I have a few things to get ready for my neighborhood garage sale next weekend. I am just going to drag a few things over to my neighbors. I like selling things online because there is less physical movement of items, and usually more profit. I need to start my cucumbers, squash and pumpkins since I plan on working on building my garden the next few weeks as well.