I took care of myself today

I finally took a shower and combed out my hair knots. I went and got my eyebrows waxed. That was torture, but so worth it. I bought a magnify glass to check out my stuff for sale for makers marks. My mystery film I took in to get developed is still not back yet….that was bummer, but now I think I better drop off two more to get back by next month. I have old disposable camera’s and film that dates back to 2005 or before. I have no idea what is on them, hence the mystery of which ones I plucked to get developed. I talked with my daughter today about donating my body to decompose for study….after I am gone of course. I wish I could sign up for a free study to do PT/OT on a stroke patients gains years out….hello, any research scientists trolling my humble blog of nonsense?


Different angle of same building I shot a few days or weeks ago…..like an old geometry problem, label the axis and planes???

3 thoughts on “I took care of myself today

  1. I apologise, I had not realised you were recovering from a stroke! I hadn’t taken the time to read your ABOUT section. Wow girl, that’s a biggy for you at your age – as my husband always says to me when I am unwell “You are a poor darling!” It must seem an eternal struggle for you, like so many things that are thrown at us through life the only way is through it ay. I moan about my illness but I can only imagine your sense of loss through this. All the best to you, I hope you have good supports in your kids and friends. Big hugs.

    • Don’t apologize…when I first started writing this blog it was all about the stroke…I was going to change everyones perception and US Healthcare and Medical Insurance….of course that kind of fizzled…I don’t even tag my content much anymore…I sound lazy, because I was lazy before the stroke….but now I really hit a wall and can’t move forward if I try sometimes…but thankfully I have almost good moments too. Thank you for reading…for whatever reason…Diana

      • I am not surprised you hit a wall! I can’t even imagine what you go through but I imagine baby steps and then 2 backward. That’s an awful lot of healing needed 😦 Wendy

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