New Paths


This pic is a road close to my home, it runs parallel to the railroad tracts. In the “old days” it continued on to the other side of a not so major highway. They chopped several roads off on both sides. It might have to do with too many people driving too close to the tracks. Anyway, I usually walk to here then set my butt on the railing and wait for a train to come by. In this pic one did, you can barely see it through the jungle.

I went on a motorcycle ride with my boyfriend today. It is a big deal since I have not rode on a motorcycle in over 30 years. I had my stroke three years (+) ago. I have been seeing my new hippy dude just over 6 months. He was patient with me while I tried different ways to get on. My stroke affected leg does not lift up high enough. It was just a few inches shy of holding me up high enough on the foot peg to get my good leg over the back. The way that worked was me getting on first, on the lower drivers seat, ┬áthen scootching to the back. I needed help placing the bad leg on the peg….but it stayed on the whole time. I “held” on with my affected hand by placing the balled fist (from the stress of doing something new) close to my boyfriends waist where I should have been hanging on. I alternated my good hand to hanging on mostly to him, but grabbing the backboard while he shifted. I enjoyed the view. I would not trust anyone else to give me a ride.