Plethora of Worries


My out of control grass screaming to be replaced by something practical, my firepit and pile of dead falling down tree waiting to roast marshmellows, a kitty I never saw before that ran away just as I tried to approach, my ugly chipboard shed, bricks waiting to go under planters, crate I dragged out again for what I don’t know, more dead tree, rain gutter pieces thrown behind my shed (waiting for my son to piece together), one basket planted one planted but on my porch waiting to be hung on the shed, my star fell last year and never made it back up, more chunks of dead tree too big and heavy to lift into my small firepit.

I planned on lighting a fire today…it rained way too much. I need to finish organizing my planters, and put together my shutters for my raised tomato and pepper patches. I don’t have the funds to purchase enough compost or dirt to fill them yet, it is still damp and cold so I worry my whole garden will die before it gets started. I planted carrots and cucumbers the other day. I have my galvanized containers waiting to be turned into a serrano pepper tower, and I still did not glue my fallen birdbath totem back together. I will be working on all this the next few days, or weeks, or months.