All Aboard, Next Stop Crazytown


I worked on mowing my yard again….not even 1/4 done and it took much effort this morning and this evening. I can not work in the direct sun for long, so I planted and painted in the shade in between. I have one serrano pepper, one bell pepper and one purple tomato plant each in its own bucket planter. I put upside down bottles over them for now to keep the wind and hail off, warmth in. The rest of my tomato and pepper plants are still inside. They are so small and I don’t have my bed I planned set up yet. I divided my perennial that was in a huge clay pot that cracked all the way around. I left some in the broken pot, until I find a huge pot to put it in. The other two divisions I put in matching purple trash cans that I used for planters last year. I played musical dirt, and ended up putting mostly new dirt with my perennials. I topped off my existing gladiolas with fresh compost, and planted two new bucket containers of new glads. I don’t know if the old ones survived the winter outside. I will just wait and see. I also planted my tiny coleus sprouts out front in planters. I hope it lives and grows fast, they still don’t have their true leaves yet. I watered everything, even though it sprinkled a bit over my house this afternoon. I had more planned, but felt exhausted after the second mowing round.

I spray painted my star shaped wire basket and my cabinet handles silver, they have been waiting by my door for this since last year. I also painted one of my gnomes silver. I used up my purple sparkly nail polish on another gnome. It looks terrible. I painted two solid purple with leftover door paint, they look good. I backed over my newer gnome with my car, f’n car I hate backing up in it. I did not hurt the car, but Mr. Gnome will not have to be planted, he lost his feet and part of his legs. I feel like I got too much sun today, so I don’t know what I will do tomorrow. I also started a fire in my fire pit. I used a tealight candle and felt like a genius. The fire did burn out while I was mowing. The big logs were too wet, but they smoked and charred. I did feed enough smaller sticks to get it truly hot. All I can do is try tomorrow. It turned too windy today. So, I have two more days that others consider a holiday. I spent the last of my money on food. I will be working on trying to sell more Ebay goodies so I have enough gas and food until the next disability check. It is nearly impossible to live comfortably on just disability. Not when you have a car payment. I thought about ways today to make my yard into a non-grass rock and veggie garden with groundcover pathways. That would be fine with me, but I don’t know what the next owner would do. They will probably have to pay to get rid of my rusty relics and whimsy that I like.