I Wish I took Pics Today

IMG_9931I took this pic a week or so ago right after planting….I hope it fills out soon. My grass lawn was mowed by my neighbors yesterday. It took the two able bodied adults about two hours, so 4 man hours to mow and weed whack. It is so short now, my pretty purple wildflowers are gone. I drilled some holes in my pink elephant plastic watering can that I got for free. I filled it with stones so it won’t blow away in the wind. It evens out the color with my pink plastic flamingos. I drilled holes into a container my neighbor gave me and I dumped the rest of the dirt I recently bought. It filled it perfectly. I planted my left over marigolds and some serrano peppers in it. I need my son to help me move it to a sunnier location. I worked on trying to get the lids off two more buckets to make into planters for my container garden. I did not have much luck….but I will keep working on them…maybe bringing them inside so the sun does not burn me. I am out of dirt and out of money to buy more dirt until next payday. It is over a week away and I am impatient. I am transferring paypal money, but I am never sure when that will clear. I also need to buy more food and perhaps more gas to make it to payday. My son has two appointments this week. I am not sure if my other veggies will make it into the ground or containers before mid June. I am not going to stress over it. There are plenty of roadside stands around here.