Hackers Be Damned


If you are smart enough to hack into major companies, then why do you need to steal things? Use your smarts for something useful, like solar energy that does not cost too much or a way to another galaxy so we can spread capitalism throughout the Universe. Any way, I am pissed at people saying they are not going to use Ebay because it was hacked months ago. I just found out, because I live the clueless carefree life. But I try to make enough money to feed me and my son by selling vintage treasures on Ebay. I am not smart enough, or have enough energy to try to hack anything. Why would someone crush the little people? I know several people feeling the sting right now. We need a positive, safe environment to sell our things from home. My rant is over…but I am sending the curse of bad vibes out there to anyone that tries to harm anyone by any means. Even if it is just a bad word, cruel look. Of course me sending bad vibes is not meant to hurt anyone, I do not wish any harm to the hackers, just that they gain the sense to get a new hobby.


One thought on “Hackers Be Damned

  1. Totally agree with this and a serious subject but you did give me a giggle with your second sentence 🙂 Hackers that do this sort of thing are utter scum, ripping off people they have no clue about or their financial situation. They should be smart enough not to have to live as parasites.

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