Positive Post Number ?? Not the Last

Today was a day of don’ts. Don’t answer your door when it is your drunk ex. Don’t have a yard sale last minute when you are desperate for money. So people show up that you don’t want, and people you want to show up to buy your stuff don’t show up. I am positive I will make more money at my sale tomorrow. It is already on Craigslist…I will have pictures this time. It does not matter if I sell anything, it is all handy to load into the car to take to charity. I cleaned out my shed and home a little more.

I also tried crocheting again while I was sitting out in the shade. It was still challenging, my left hand did not cooperate. I think I got the hang of doing it with just moving my right. But my patients without glasses to see better wore thin. I will try again inside with glasses and better lighting, someday soon.