Whole Lotta Positive Today!

It was payday….my once a month disability payment. I wait 27-30 days for this each month, because the bills are always more. You ask why that is positive? Because I grocery shop to get a few heavily wanted foods that I ran out of. Today was ketchup and paper cups. I don’t eat paper cups, but after a stroke it takes forever to wash dishes.

The weather has been great! It rained today, but no flooding in my yard. I hope to go pick up the soil and compost for my raised beds tomorrow. I will be exhausted, but happy if I only get one of the three small beds done.

I don’t even care that my lawn is getting dangerously close to being too tall again.IMG_0210A pic a few days ago of the blasted lawn. I had a great idea today as I was driving through a forest. I saw many ferns and thought I could fill this area under my big trees with ferns. I could dig them up on the sly from state land….sssshhhh. I will ┬ámake little beds of ferns and it will only cost me my labor. I can add other shade lovers as I find them for little to no cost.