I Am So Burned Out

I am physically and mentally exhausted. I thought I made a lot of progress yesterday, but my house is still a wreck. I vowed to send all my hoarder crap to goodwill. I did take a car load after my lawn sale, and I have another garbage bag full in my car. I sold another big bulky item. I did not go to the last auction, and vowed I will only buy things that fit many in a shoebox. I cleared out my cardboard closet, but it needs at least one shelf installed. I will just do what I can today…..and water my pitiful garden. I am burned out and bummed out that some of my plants labeled pepper are actually tomatoes and I did not notice until after I planted them together. They are just small, puny and barely clinging to life as it is. I still need to fill the “other” bed I made with dirt and drag out a pallet to put my “container” garden on before it rains and drowns them.