My Garden Overwhelms Me


I killed half of it. My bottles I put on to protect, baked my pitiful little babies. After I dropped my son off at his appointment yesterday, I went to two different greenhouses to get replacements. They were down to their last 6 packs. I did get roma tomatoes, which I really wanted to grow, so I got basil to go with it. I love the smell of tomato plants. The basil smells good too. I also got 9 bell peppers to replace the ones that were “murdered”. So I added the dirt to my next raised bed to plant my roma and basil patch. I replanted my pepper patch. I planted one hot pepper into a container. I dragged out a pallet to put my planted containers on. I filled one metal container with dirt to be planted with flowers. I still have a few more plants that need to go into “buckets”. I need to remember to plant some zucchini seeds, before it is too late. I also want to try planting pumpkins on the edge of my woodpile.

Mother nature watered everything. I was glad since my outdoor faucet is not working properly. It hurts my back carrying water out from the house. I like watering plants though. I have my sign ready to pound into the ground or container tomorrow and hopefully get some pictures before I kill something else. I hate to think I would starve if I had to rely on my own gardening skills.