My Tomato Tree is now Transplanted


This pic is not my tomato tree, just another shot down by the railroad tracks. My son helped me slip the tomato plant from its 3 gallon planter into a 6 or 7 gallon bucket. I had put too much dirt in at first so we had to take it out. I scooped more dirt out then secured the tomato “tree” to the new support. I used a young maple tree sapling  we cut down from my birdbath totem tower area of my yard. It looks fantastic, except for the labels on the bucket. I also got some more “free” buckets off of freecycle. I did not notice until I got home that one had some motor oil in it. So I used that one for my “random stuff” behind my shed to go into. Mainly parts of my gutter that need  to be re-installed. I drilled holes in the bottom so it won’t hold water to breed mosquitos or drown babies. I used the other “sketchy” bucket to plant my elephant ear bulb. I am hoping it warms up around here so things besides my annual flowers and the damned grass will grow.

I realize I sorely lack current pictures and I hope to take pictures of my garden patches tomorrow. I need to clean up the area first. I started the clean up today, but it was cold and I thought the time was better spent mowing the lawn. There were so many dark clouds I thought it was going to rain any minute, so not much got mowed. So tomorrows project is mowing, clean up and picture taking. I am hoping more than half the mowing is done by my son. I want to take a trip to the “woods” to get a few ferns to transplant under my trees. I hope to find a few rocks too. I should really start collecting more rocks, a gal can never have too many. The more rocks and ferns the less mowing. I am also trying to propagate more of the spreading groundcover that lived over our last harsh winter. My mom also has some hardy perennials she is trying to thin out. I tried keeping them in a pot and they are not coming back this year.

I usually don’t have time for projects and making dinner. I have a whole bunch of left over chicken thighs. I had one tonight with a plate of bagged salad. Tomorrow I hope to make a chicken sandwich then put the rest into the freezer. I usually only eat meat once a week or less. Stroke survivors are supposed to eat less meat, lots of veggies, and olive oil (or Mediterranean diet). I am not sure what the reasoning is, but I never ate a lot of meat ever. I eat way too much bread and sugar though.