The roma and basil patch


I found eight shutters at a garage sale, super cheap. I instantly knew I was going to make them into two raised beds and I did. Very rare that I follow through on my own ideas. I drilled the holes and ziptied them myself one handed….I kind of held them upright with my feet, so they are not perfect. I also found some small pallets for free on craigslist, perfect for using under my bucket garden so the roots don’t drown in my swampy yard.

Putting those beds together and filling with dirt I had to buy was tough on my body and wallet. It took me days to recover and that was after taking forever to do it and resting in between. Hopefully, I will just freshen it up with compost next year. I am also hoping I get some produce this year and nothing dies (again). I cooked my first batch of self started plants, so I went and bought replacements at a greenhouse. I also found my tomato tree in the greenhouse. I don’t know if I will start so many things myself next year.

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