Fast Moving Granddaughter


Slow moving Grandma that only uses one setting on her camera. This is the only shot out of 8 that did not have her blurry hands as she shook the lion.

I could watch her talk, she uses her hands for emphasis, all day. She also looks all around the room to see what trouble she can get into. She  tried to grab my camera. I think she just wanted to put it in her mouth, not take pictures.

The Pepper Patch with one pickling cucumber


I am going to try to make a few low salt dill pickles. I guess they will be the kind that stay in the fridge since I only have one pickling cucumber plant. It is also new to me, I never made pickles before.

I hope to pick a lot of bell peppers. I buy them frozen all the time. I like them raw, fried, roasted, in salads, on pizza, with eggs, on pasta. I just love them.

This concludes todays garden tour. I did not take a pictures of a few things. I put my whimsical sign out. I have that purple raised bed I forgot to get a pic of. I also have some buckets that did not get in the pics and some more I still need to plant.

My cucumber, carrot, and marigold patch


I only planted four cucumbers from seed, and they are all growing. I am the only one that eats them and I don’t know if they can be sun-dried or something to preserve. The carrots, I planted in this for looks, but I will probably pull some and try to eat them. I plan on doing a bucket carrot patch.

The marigolds I plant for bug deterrent. That is why I have a few in my pepper patch and my tomato patch.  I also like the smell of them and the flowers.

The Totem Birdbath


As you can see, the paint peeled over the winter. I am thinking of yarnbombing it. At least it stopped falling over, I put a few dabs of glue on some key areas. This gnomie I backed over with the car. It used to hold an axe, now he has a broken missing hand. I also damaged the bottom of his legs, so I propped him in the broken pot that was the bottom of my totem birdbath last year. I have to remember clay does not like to be out all winter.

Anyway, this is the area that the ferns are going to be in. Hopefully, a much larger area, but I am only going to get a few at a time. I also throw all the sticks that fall from my trees here until I can take them out back with my wagon.