This is my favorite of the “big four” trees planted in my side or corner yard. I was trying to document how much is damaged by disease or insects. I always love looking up at the sunlight that shows between the leaves. My hammock is in this yard, but I don’t lay out there often enough to stare up at the trees. I really need a screened in gazebo here, because there are tons of mosquitos.

My exercise the last two days was mowing a little bit. It takes a lot of effort because of my uneven yard, my stroke affected body and I can not stand sweating. My face turned red yesterday from being “overheated”. I still have more lawn to mow after working on it three days already. I should get about 90 percent of it done today, if it does not rain more and if my son helps me. He did a few rows yesterday. What takes me 1/2 hour takes him 5 minutes and he still complains. I had to pick him up from school and take him to an appointment. I also talked to my mom on the phone. I washed my hair and cooked dinner, all things that take me longer and take more out of me. I am counting my plant propagation as “relaxing” time, as it is something I love to do. I also watered my garden with the watering can. Something is not right with my garden hose or outside faucet.

Another Candidate for Propagation


I bought this groundcover looking plant at the greenhouse last year. It survived the harsh winter in the pot and volunteered onto the ground too. I have already dug up a few and put them into other pots. Yesterday, I tried taking cuttings and stuck them into two different pots. If they “take” I will keep doing this all summer and plant it around to get rid of my grass. Around the house is first to avoid the weed whacker.

Propagating an Unknown

IMG_0263I took a few cuttings of this plant. It looks very familiar to me, yet I need to look it up. It has a woody stem, it is hardy since it is growing out of the base of my pine tree. I believe it was planted on purpose in the planter that was around this coniferous tree when I moved in. The planter was almost overgrown by the coniferous tree and coming apart. I saved it for the future, it is in back of my shed. That is where my future millions of projects get thrown. ¬†Anyway, I hope these cuttings “take” an it turns out to be a bush or tree that I really wanted anyway.

I Am Unprepared


I did not post last night because shortly after signing into my email we lost power. It was off from 10:30 PM until around 4 AM and continued to go off and on for at least another 30 minutes this morning while I fell back asleep. At first I thought no big deal, it will come back on in an hour or two. But then I started to worry that maybe the whole county or state was without power and I had no way of knowing. I was worried about my ice cream melting in the freezer. The ice cream is safe, I checked it out this morning. I thought of all the ways I was unprepared. I did not have a battery powered radio. Heck my son and I had to share one lantern since my flashlights were either lost in his room, or batteryless in my purse. I thought about using the radio in my car, but I decided it would be best to wait until daylight to do that. Some little things blew off my porch and a few small branches and leaves are down in my yard and in the neighborhood. It was just a thunderstorm. Later today I will be working on getting at least two more flashlights in working order.

I took some pictures of the plants in my yard while it was nice out yesterday. I propagated a few. Others I just wanted to identify or document the deadness of my “decayed” tree. This pic is something growing in my grass under the trees. I think it is super cute. I wish I had more of it and less grass. I do not know what it is. The flash went off since my camera settings were hard to see without my glasses on.