Propagating an Unknown

IMG_0263I took a few cuttings of this plant. It looks very familiar to me, yet I need to look it up. It has a woody stem, it is hardy since it is growing out of the base of my pine tree. I believe it was planted on purpose in the planter that was around this coniferous tree when I moved in. The planter was almost overgrown by the coniferous tree and coming apart. I saved it for the future, it is in back of my shed. That is where my future millions of projects get thrown.  Anyway, I hope these cuttings “take” an it turns out to be a bush or tree that I really wanted anyway.

3 thoughts on “Propagating an Unknown

  1. You seem so bold, creative, and fearless with these things. Thanks for sharing with us; it inspires me. There are several mystery things here (and even some known things) that I’d love to propagate, but I’m overwhelmed by the steps involved, get confused and distracted trying to read about it, then overwhelmed again, then I forget entirely.

    • I took horticulture in high school. Nothing to fear in propagation, I don’t even use rooting hormone. I just clip, peel bottom leaves and stick in dirt or water and keep watered well until they grow some roots. If they die, oh well, only the new clippings dies don’t take more than 1/3 of the original plant. Almost any shrub or ground cover can be done with a clipping.

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