The Totem Birdbath


As you can see, the paint peeled over the winter. I am thinking of yarnbombing it. At least it stopped falling over, I put a few dabs of glue on some key areas. This gnomie I backed over with the car. It used to hold an axe, now he has a broken missing hand. I also damaged the bottom of his legs, so I propped him in the broken pot that was the bottom of my totem birdbath last year. I have to remember clay does not like to be out all winter.

Anyway, this is the area that the ferns are going to be in. Hopefully, a much larger area, but I am only going to get a few at a time. I also throw all the sticks that fall from my trees here until I can take them out back with my wagon.

The roma and basil patch


I found eight shutters at a garage sale, super cheap. I instantly knew I was going to make them into two raised beds and I did. Very rare that I follow through on my own ideas. I drilled the holes and ziptied them myself one handed….I kind of held them upright with my feet, so they are not perfect. I also found some small pallets for free on craigslist, perfect for using under my bucket garden so the roots don’t drown in my swampy yard.

Putting those beds together and filling with dirt I had to buy was tough on my body and wallet. It took me days to recover and that was after taking forever to do it and resting in between. Hopefully, I will just freshen it up with compost next year. I am also hoping I get some produce this year and nothing dies (again). I cooked my first batch of self started plants, so I went and bought replacements at a greenhouse. I also found my tomato tree in the greenhouse. I don’t know if I will start so many things myself next year.

This Years Garden Additions Edition


Someone gave my Mom this Elephant watering can. It did not “work” well, so I thought it would even out my house that has the pink plastic flamingos on the other side. It is Made in USA, and it will not end up in a landfill, not while I am alive. I drilled holes in the bottom and filled it with stones after it blew away a few times. My coleus are starting to fill out. I still plan on propagating some vinca or other ground cover in this planter too. Someone gave me the planter too, and the pavers.

My Tomato Tree is now Transplanted


This pic is not my tomato tree, just another shot down by the railroad tracks. My son helped me slip the tomato plant from its 3 gallon planter into a 6 or 7 gallon bucket. I had put too much dirt in at first so we had to take it out. I scooped more dirt out then secured the tomato “tree” to the new support. I used a young maple tree sapling  we cut down from my birdbath totem tower area of my yard. It looks fantastic, except for the labels on the bucket. I also got some more “free” buckets off of freecycle. I did not notice until I got home that one had some motor oil in it. So I used that one for my “random stuff” behind my shed to go into. Mainly parts of my gutter that need  to be re-installed. I drilled holes in the bottom so it won’t hold water to breed mosquitos or drown babies. I used the other “sketchy” bucket to plant my elephant ear bulb. I am hoping it warms up around here so things besides my annual flowers and the damned grass will grow.

I realize I sorely lack current pictures and I hope to take pictures of my garden patches tomorrow. I need to clean up the area first. I started the clean up today, but it was cold and I thought the time was better spent mowing the lawn. There were so many dark clouds I thought it was going to rain any minute, so not much got mowed. So tomorrows project is mowing, clean up and picture taking. I am hoping more than half the mowing is done by my son. I want to take a trip to the “woods” to get a few ferns to transplant under my trees. I hope to find a few rocks too. I should really start collecting more rocks, a gal can never have too many. The more rocks and ferns the less mowing. I am also trying to propagate more of the spreading groundcover that lived over our last harsh winter. My mom also has some hardy perennials she is trying to thin out. I tried keeping them in a pot and they are not coming back this year.

I usually don’t have time for projects and making dinner. I have a whole bunch of left over chicken thighs. I had one tonight with a plate of bagged salad. Tomorrow I hope to make a chicken sandwich then put the rest into the freezer. I usually only eat meat once a week or less. Stroke survivors are supposed to eat less meat, lots of veggies, and olive oil (or Mediterranean diet). I am not sure what the reasoning is, but I never ate a lot of meat ever. I eat way too much bread and sugar though.

My Garden Overwhelms Me


I killed half of it. My bottles I put on to protect, baked my pitiful little babies. After I dropped my son off at his appointment yesterday, I went to two different greenhouses to get replacements. They were down to their last 6 packs. I did get roma tomatoes, which I really wanted to grow, so I got basil to go with it. I love the smell of tomato plants. The basil smells good too. I also got 9 bell peppers to replace the ones that were “murdered”. So I added the dirt to my next raised bed to plant my roma and basil patch. I replanted my pepper patch. I planted one hot pepper into a container. I dragged out a pallet to put my planted containers on. I filled one metal container with dirt to be planted with flowers. I still have a few more plants that need to go into “buckets”. I need to remember to plant some zucchini seeds, before it is too late. I also want to try planting pumpkins on the edge of my woodpile.

Mother nature watered everything. I was glad since my outdoor faucet is not working properly. It hurts my back carrying water out from the house. I like watering plants though. I have my sign ready to pound into the ground or container tomorrow and hopefully get some pictures before I kill something else. I hate to think I would starve if I had to rely on my own gardening skills.

I Am So Burned Out

I am physically and mentally exhausted. I thought I made a lot of progress yesterday, but my house is still a wreck. I vowed to send all my hoarder crap to goodwill. I did take a car load after my lawn sale, and I have another garbage bag full in my car. I sold another big bulky item. I did not go to the last auction, and vowed I will only buy things that fit many in a shoebox. I cleared out my cardboard closet, but it needs at least one shelf installed. I will just do what I can today…..and water my pitiful garden. I am burned out and bummed out that some of my plants labeled pepper are actually tomatoes and I did not notice until after I planted them together. They are just small, puny and barely clinging to life as it is. I still need to fill the “other” bed I made with dirt and drag out a pallet to put my “container” garden on before it rains and drowns them.

Whole Lotta Positive Today!

It was payday….my once a month disability payment. I wait 27-30 days for this each month, because the bills are always more. You ask why that is positive? Because I grocery shop to get a few heavily wanted foods that I ran out of. Today was ketchup and paper cups. I don’t eat paper cups, but after a stroke it takes forever to wash dishes.

The weather has been great! It rained today, but no flooding in my yard. I hope to go pick up the soil and compost for my raised beds tomorrow. I will be exhausted, but happy if I only get one of the three small beds done.

I don’t even care that my lawn is getting dangerously close to being too tall again.IMG_0210A pic a few days ago of the blasted lawn. I had a great idea today as I was driving through a forest. I saw many ferns and thought I could fill this area under my big trees with ferns. I could dig them up on the sly from state land….sssshhhh. I will  make little beds of ferns and it will only cost me my labor. I can add other shade lovers as I find them for little to no cost.