I wore sandals today!

No pic, but I enjoyed them…I did not trip even when the stroke foot acted up. I believe it has been two years since I tried to wear them. They are sporty kind of like teva, they velcro shut so I can get them on by myself. I can also make them snug so they don’t fall off my stroke foot. I feel like I wore designer high heels compared to the ratty old slippers or grass stained sneaks. Now, I need to find comfy but affordable combat boots I can get on and off by myself to wear in the winter.

I am out of nail polish so I could not paint my toenails….bummer. I guess I used it all to paint my gnomies.

I made the smallest dent

My hoarder hole house now has one trunk load less of “stuff”. I was wiped out tired, and wanted to nap, but I pushed through and carried my bags O’goodies out to the car. One bag broke and a tea cup broke….which is why I am no longer selling glass or breakable stuff again. I still have lots of cleaning to do this week.

I was so tired I did not even water my garden. I drove very badly, swerving and drifting to avoid arm cramps. My car must be out of alignment it does not stay straight. I knew I had to concentrate so I did and drove right home instead of stopping at the store. I was starving, and craving ice cream. Lucky for my diet, I have none left at home. I ate pbj, and since I washed dishes this morning I only have a few utensils to wash tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hope to make a difference in my house if I wake up refreshed.

There are geese in the lower left side of my pic. This was a few days ago, in July….these Canada geese must be NY geese



Makeup Post

IMG_0357Since I was slacking for awhile, I thought I would make up for it a little bit with two posts today.

I have the same general problems as I have in the winter, except I don’t feel depressed! I don’t even care what is happening or not happening when I have green stuff growing in view. I also have the cutest granddaughter sprouting faster than a weed. My house is still a mess, it takes too much out of me to mow my stinking lawn. It takes a few days out of every week as my major project for the day. I don’t mind it too much, it is my exercise. It also is better than shoveling snow. I also am planning on expanding more raised gardens and ┬áplant my trees, bushes, ferns, and perennials so I have much less to mow next year.

I Am Still Here

IMG_0356I am not on a grande vacation, just hanging around my house playing poker between watering my garden and mowing the bleeping lawn. I took this photo yesterday while waiting between my son’s appointments yesterday. We only had 45 minutes which is too long to sit in the uncomfy chairs of the waiting room and too hot to do anything not in the shade or air conditioning. This is a public dock at a state fishing area.

I need to kick my organizational skills into gear. I am donating a trunk load of unsold ebay items. I lost two small items that sold recently. I need some of my 680 sq feet of small house back to normalish.