I made the smallest dent

My hoarder hole house now has one trunk load less of “stuff”. I was wiped out tired, and wanted to nap, but I pushed through and carried my bags O’goodies out to the car. One bag broke and a tea cup broke….which is why I am no longer selling glass or breakable stuff again. I still have lots of cleaning to do this week.

I was so tired I did not even water my garden. I drove very badly, swerving and drifting to avoid arm cramps. My car must be out of alignment it does not stay straight. I knew I had to concentrate so I did and drove right home instead of stopping at the store. I was starving, and craving ice cream. Lucky for my diet, I have none left at home. I ate pbj, and since I washed dishes this morning I only have a few utensils to wash tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hope to make a difference in my house if I wake up refreshed.

There are geese in the lower left side of my pic. This was a few days ago, in July….these Canada geese must be NY geese