Another View

IMG_0363I am not a photographer for a reason. My eyesight is too out of focus. My pictures are “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”. (can you tell I have seen Forest Gump over and over recently)

I read this other blog of a single women writer that quit her day job to just be a homesteader/writer. She started a kickstarter for her first novel, she has already published several non-fiction books. If I was rich, or soon to become rich I would back her. Her name is Jenna Woginrich, her blog is If you check it out and can afford to support her, “that would be great”. (another movie quote from Office Space)

I need to get ready for a road trip, I hope to get many great pics. I have to check my garden and finish mowing my lawn. If you ever get a rechargeable lawnmower, a backup battery would be helpful. I can not do my whole lawn with one charge.

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