Easily Mixed Up Nut

IMG_0368I am calling myself confused. I knew my timeline was mixed up, but I thought it was about days past not the present so much. I thought yesterday was the day I was leaving for a road trip. For some reason I looked at the date on my computer (it requires clicking on it) and huh or duh it was only the 9th. I swear it was the 10th, to make sure I was wrong about what day I was leaving I had to consult someone. Part two of the confusion is when I stared into the closed store window wondering why the door was locked. I thought maybe they suddenly closed up shop. I peered in to make sure there was product on the shelf. I then looked for their hours sign that was moved from the door to their window. I still could not figure out why they closed one hour early until I was driving home and it hit me it was Saturday not Friday. I swore to myself in the car. I then swore again for it being the only “store” near where I live and it had to close so early. I had an extra day in my week and I still can not get my act together. I swear I am of sound and stable mind, just my timeline gets so confused. Everyone else thinks I am squirrely.