Cute As A Button


A really BIG button. This is her getting into trouble face. She is off the charts in height, and up there in weight. With the help of my 14 year old son to lift her up out of her crib I was able to take care of my grand daughter for the first time. It was just while she worked for a few days while her dad was staying by grandpa’s side for his first round of chemo treatment. Strokes suck, they suck the energy out of me. They suck for the increasing amount of young people that are getting them, since they can happen at any age. I still have some balance problems, coordination issues, can not functionally use my left arm. Cancer sucks even worse. It seems like everyone I know is affected by it right now. I was just playing online poker via facebook and played a game of high-low against a women that died from lung cancer a few years ago. It does not seem right at first (playing games against the deceased), but it is a way for me to remember her. 

I want this cute little button to grow up with a chance to play with her grandpa. I want her to have good memories of him.