Neighborhood Patrol



I finally got a pic of this guy or gal.  It was in my yard hunting for critters. I am glad to have hunters in my yard, I have too many snakes, slugs, mice, grasshoppers and voles. This cat came visiting a few days ago, but ran away when I went outside to take a pic. Today, I took it through the window. I took it in case it was dropped off or lost. It looks pretty clean so it must be someone’s in the hood. 

I moved the ratty table to behind the shed. I should not have left it out all last winter. The bottom is iron, I hope I can restore it next year. I planted a bunch of perennials in a makeshift raised bed of trader joe’s bags. They are all still alive a few days later. I got free rudbeckia from craigslist, lilac bushes and what I think is perennial geranium from my Mom’s.  I plan to add log sides to the bed and fill with compost when I buy more next month. I moved some other pots around and gathered up my fallen totem birdbath from the side yard. I bought better glue and plan on reassembling it in my new raised bed.

My older son came for a few days to do work on my house. My rain gutters are now back up and I have a rain barrel. I also have a big planter to catch water from the porch gutter. I have a new toilet seat….I am queen of my castle with a new throne! He repaired the wall that was torn down to fix the frozen pipes last winter. He fixed the screen door from not staying closed. And he added a hinged cover to my attic access. He lined that with weatherstripping, so I should feel less cold drafts and lose less heat. I only had cardboard covering it before. He worked really hard and took unpaid time off from his job to do this. I am so thankful for free skilled labor.