Happy Anniversary To Me?


WordPress let me know I have been blogging three years. I hope they send me a cake. I really miss the random cakes and donuts or pizza we used to get at work. I guess I could make myself a cake. I have not had much spare time recently. I have been trying to get the lawn mowed, the house clean, I have been sick, my son was home sick from school two days, and the season 4 of Walking Dead is now on netflix. I need to see the whole thing, we are about halfway through. We don’t have cable so no spoilers please.

Yes I Am Different


I would rather look at a rusty old tin, then a shiny new designer purse or shoes, or someones tattoo. I don’t have anything against the those things, I actually like design, art, and human bodies with or without tattoos. I just don’t understand peoples preoccupations with just a few select must haves (to them) that are not basic needs like air and water. What got me rethinking about this was the cashier complimenting the women ahead of me yesterday. She said I love your purse, it looked like a wallet to me. I guess it was a Coach item, because it looked like letter C’s all over in different colors. It was hideous, to me. I like mine it is black with silver studs…but I don’t even use it in public anymore. Then she went on to compliment her nails….all the while I am standing in line with my uneven, broken nails that I did not have anyone clip even for me yet. I was wondering what she would think of my nails and I was glad they were clean. She did not compliment me on my paint splattered worn t-shirt, but she was pleasant and asked how I was today. So no big deal, but then on a TV show today I saw a women who would not take a picture of her hands to show off her engagement ring until she had them filled by a plastic surgeon. Really, I thought they just looked like normal human hands. They were not abnormally huge (like man hands on Seinfeld), fat, crooked, webbed….they looked average to me. On can people cope and cary on with their lives if this it what they are preoccupied with? How do so many people get this way? I feel like I live on the wrong planet or amongst the wrong species.

Since I am ranting, and not positive here is a bit of both. My ebay sales have been tanking. I took it upon myself to put on a facebook group, I am on, one single item I am selling the group might be interested in. I sold it! I had over 80 views of that item, vs the 3 or 4 I usually get. Ebay sucks at promoting and having things come up in a search. My other items got no more than usual views, so obviously no one looked at my other items. Just also want to rant that group usually goes gaga over items made in China just because they resemble slightly a camper or part of a theme they like. People should be more conscious of what they purchase and why.

It is all about the cookie


I weigh too much, even more than I did when I had the stroke. I might bake tomorrow. I think I will try some oatmeal cookies with less sugar and hardly any salt. They will have peanut butter though.

Today I need to work on cleaning, because it never gets done. Laundry and lawn mowing are on the list too. It is nice and those are chores that never get done either. I still have my painting projects waiting. I still need to work on my Ebay. Time and money always seem out of my reach.

Still Pushing


I still have an achy body, but my leg muscles feel better. I went to the nearest store, I got more paint brushes but they did not have spackle. I need to get the door painted so I can put the window film up. My son will need to help me with the window film. He spent the night at his friends, so he is guaranteed to be in a tired pissy teenager mood.

This art deco building is one of the treasures of Syracuse. I wish it was lit up, but I guess our light the night walk was too early.

Keep Pushing On


I pushed myself today. I am still sore from the walk Thursday. Who knew that your arms get sore from walking? I could have done something I forgot about. I hope I wake up feeling strong and flexible tomorrow. I started painting today. I sanded the back of my front door. It is in worse shape than I thought. The bottom corner is almost gone. I primed it anyway with rusty metal primer. It is still too tacky to put the color on. It is filling up my house with fumes too. I started painting my bathroom. I primed my new half wall my son built me. I mixed the paint color by adding my free quart of colored paint to a cheap gallon of flat white. I took out some of the white paint first to make room for it all in one can. No major spillage yet. I started painting the bathroom walls, but I need a small cut in brush. I was too tired to go buy the things I need. I hope to take a trip to the store in the morning.

I also hung some laundry outside and washed some of the dishes and cooked dinner. I motivated my son to start mowing the lawn again. We have to take advantage of the nice weather when we have it. I hope more of the lawn gets mowed tomorrow. If I have to mow and paint, I will be dead tired and sore for a couple more days. I don’t know how long I can push myself. I am bowling next weekend, I need to sell more things to pay for that and a movie I want to see with the book club meetup. It is rare for me to have so many things I want to go to in one month. I guess it is good I am tired or I would spend twice as much.

Dog Tired and Sore


I think these people were homeless, they were hanging around the event yesterday. I know the shelter does not let people in until night time and kicks them out for the day.

I really appreciated my bed today. I took several naps. My muscles in my lower legs and arms are very sore. This weekend I plan on painting my front door on the inside, applying window film, general cleaning and laundry that did not get done the last two days. I also plan on listing more ebay items. I listed two today.

I had a general doctor appointment today. I weigh a lot. My blood pressure is normal, and for me it was very low….top number 90. I guess my heart and lungs sound good. I go back in 4 months. This is my primary care physician and he is not an expert in stroke. A plus is his office is updating to online questions, email, and summary printouts of my visit.

I stood around for a few hours then walked over a mile


without my cane. I did wear my afo, but my foot was starting to fall asleep from standing still too long. I have very sore legs and feet now.

This pic is of the bank building I used to train in when I was a teller in the late 80s….sometimes I wish I had kept that job, but then I would not have my youngest son. I met his dad at a later job, and I don’t think our paths would have crossed otherwise.

I am glad I made my son go to this with me. He needs to be around more people and get out of the house more.

Peek A Boo


She’s back. I don’t know if it is a girl, just assuming. I went out to take the pic. I stayed close to my house and tried to sneak around the corner. A stumbling strokie can not sneak up on a stealth hunter…so I sat in a chair and waited to see if she would bolt or come closer. She stared at me, then went back to watching the wood pile. I tried to lightly call kitty, but she did not come over to me. She stayed around until a cat from two doors down came over and took over the prime mousing spot. She took off through the yards across the street. To be continued….next time I see her, I want to be ready with treats to see if she is friendly or skittish.

Next Year I Might Grow Flowers Only


I like green tomatoes, but these guys could have used warmer weather for a bit longer. I spent time watering them all summer, picking them before frost hits and cleaning up the bed to prevent blight next year. I then proceeded to spend too much time cutting them up one handed. A few days ago I made one batch of what I call chunky sauce. For about 4 more hours today, I spent cutting up the rest for another batch of sauce and the rest to go into the freezer. I am trying to be positive, but I can buy sauce for $2 a jar already made. I don’t have enough to make it worthwhile to can. If this was pre-industrial days I would starve this winter. I had a few tasty meals out of my garden, but doubt I could live solely on it for more than 2 weeks tops. I picked one jalapeno pepper also…oye….Zero green peppers, and about 5 cucumbers and a few puny squash. I am so tired and my body hurts. I am seriously thinking if I don’t have a greenhouse next year I will only plant a couple of zucchini and a one cucumber plant and the rest will be flowers.

I Am Totally Wiped Out


I don’t know the people reflected in the mirror. They just happened to be on the same mansion house tour I was. I did the tour Saturday and then Sunday went out with another meetup group for Japanese Hibachi. I was the only one not eating sushi…I had chicken. I did not know half of the people at the dinner. I guess between the two I overloaded my brain. I also stayed up until 4:30AM because I forgot to make my son’s pizza for his school lunch earlier. I wish he would eat a sandwich like a normal kid.

I did manage to mow a bit of the yard and pick up a handful of branches that fell in the last storm. I also moved a bunch of stuff I left out the last time I did yardwork. I hung out a load of laundry, then went back out to bring them after watching the news that rain was on the way. At least they had a few hours of breeze to dry mostly. I usually forget the laundry and it is out for a few days. I managed to talk my son into carrying most of the recyclables to the car. That is my project for tomorrow, taking the garbage and dropping off two bags to goodwill. I am also supposed to check out the libraries unplug and play game night. Then Thursday is the Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I wish things could happen on my schedule. I think I could handle one event per week. By handling I mean some of the necessary things like cleaning get done at home.