I Am Totally Wiped Out


I don’t know the people reflected in the mirror. They just happened to be on the same mansion house tour I was. I did the tour Saturday and then Sunday went out with another meetup group for Japanese Hibachi. I was the only one not eating sushi…I had chicken. I did not know half of the people at the dinner. I guess between the two I overloaded my brain. I also stayed up until 4:30AM because I forgot to make my son’s pizza for his school lunch earlier. I wish he would eat a sandwich like a normal kid.

I did manage to mow a bit of the yard and pick up a handful of branches that fell in the last storm. I also moved a bunch of stuff I left out the last time I did yardwork. I hung out a load of laundry, then went back out to bring them after watching the news that rain was on the way. At least they had a few hours of breeze to dry mostly. I usually forget the laundry and it is out for a few days. I managed to talk my son into carrying most of the recyclables to the car. That is my project for tomorrow, taking the garbage and dropping off two bags to goodwill. I am also supposed to check out the libraries unplug and play game night. Then Thursday is the Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I wish things could happen on my schedule. I think I could handle one event per week. By handling I mean some of the necessary things like cleaning get done at home.