I stood around for a few hours then walked over a mile


without my cane. I did wear my afo, but my foot was starting to fall asleep from standing still too long. I have very sore legs and feet now.

This pic is of the bank building I used to train in when I was a teller in the late 80s….sometimes I wish I had kept that job, but then I would not have my youngest son. I met his dad at a later job, and I don’t think our paths would have crossed otherwise.

I am glad I made my son go to this with me. He needs to be around more people and get out of the house more.

Peek A Boo


She’s back. I don’t know if it is a girl, just assuming. I went out to take the pic. I stayed close to my house and tried to sneak around the corner. A stumbling strokie can not sneak up on a stealth hunter…so I sat in a chair and waited to see if she would bolt or come closer. She stared at me, then went back to watching the wood pile. I tried to lightly call kitty, but she did not come over to me. She stayed around until a cat from two doors down came over and took over the prime mousing spot. She took off through the yards across the street. To be continued….next time I see her, I want to be ready with treats to see if she is friendly or skittish.

Next Year I Might Grow Flowers Only


I like green tomatoes, but these guys could have used warmer weather for a bit longer. I spent time watering them all summer, picking them before frost hits and cleaning up the bed to prevent blight next year. I then proceeded to spend too much time cutting them up one handed. A few days ago I made one batch of what I call chunky sauce. For about 4 more hours today, I spent cutting up the rest for another batch of sauce and the rest to go into the freezer. I am trying to be positive, but I can buy sauce for $2 a jar already made. I don’t have enough to make it worthwhile to can. If this was pre-industrial days I would starve this winter. I had a few tasty meals out of my garden, but doubt I could live solely on it for more than 2 weeks tops. I picked one jalapeno pepper also…oye….Zero green peppers, and about 5 cucumbers and a few puny squash. I am so tired and my body hurts. I am seriously thinking if I don’t have a greenhouse next year I will only plant a couple of zucchini and a one cucumber plant and the rest will be flowers.