Keep Pushing On


I pushed myself today. I am still sore from the walk Thursday. Who knew that your arms get sore from walking? I could have done something I forgot about. I hope I wake up feeling strong and flexible tomorrow. I started painting today. I sanded the back of my front door. It is in worse shape than I thought. The bottom corner is almost gone. I primed it anyway with rusty metal primer. It is still too tacky to put the color on. It is filling up my house with fumes too. I started painting my bathroom. I primed my new half wall my son built me. I mixed the paint color by adding my free quart of colored paint to a cheap gallon of flat white. I took out some of the white paint first to make room for it all in one can. No major spillage yet. I started painting the bathroom walls, but I need a small cut in brush. I was too tired to go buy the things I need. I hope to take a trip to the store in the morning.

I also hung some laundry outside and washed some of the dishes and cooked dinner. I motivated my son to start mowing the lawn again. We have to take advantage of the nice weather when we have it. I hope more of the lawn gets mowed tomorrow. If I have to mow and paint, I will be dead tired and sore for a couple more days. I don’t know how long I can push myself. I am bowling next weekend, I need to sell more things to pay for that and a movie I want to see with the book club meetup. It is rare for me to have so many things I want to go to in one month. I guess it is good I am tired or I would spend twice as much.

Dog Tired and Sore


I think these people were homeless, they were hanging around the event yesterday. I know the shelter does not let people in until night time and kicks them out for the day.

I really appreciated my bed today. I took several naps. My muscles in my lower legs and arms are very sore. This weekend I plan on painting my front door on the inside, applying window film, general cleaning and laundry that did not get done the last two days. I also plan on listing more ebay items. I listed two today.

I had a general doctor appointment today. I weigh a lot. My blood pressure is normal, and for me it was very low….top number 90. I guess my heart and lungs sound good. I go back in 4 months. This is my primary care physician and he is not an expert in stroke. A plus is his office is updating to online questions, email, and summary printouts of my visit.