It is all about the cookie


I weigh too much, even more than I did when I had the stroke. I might bake tomorrow. I think I will try some oatmeal cookies with less sugar and hardly any salt. They will have peanut butter though.

Today I need to work on cleaning, because it never gets done. Laundry and lawn mowing are on the list too. It is nice and those are chores that never get done either. I still have my painting projects waiting. I still need to work on my Ebay. Time and money always seem out of my reach.

2 thoughts on “It is all about the cookie

    • NOT ALLOWED….NOT IN MY HOUSE…LOL….I try to discourage the mice, but they love my dogs food….so that is one more thing for me to remember to put the uneaten dog food away at night…..I also hate killing mice, so I have have a heart traps for the mice and take them to the state park….they can hunt for cookies there

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