Yes I Am Different


I would rather look at a rusty old tin, then a shiny new designer purse or shoes, or someones tattoo. I don’t have anything against the those things, I actually like design, art, and human bodies with or without tattoos. I just don’t understand peoples preoccupations with just a few select must haves (to them) that are not basic needs like air and water. What got me rethinking about this was the cashier complimenting the women ahead of me yesterday. She said I love your purse, it looked like a wallet to me. I guess it was a Coach item, because it looked like letter C’s all over in different colors. It was hideous, to me. I like mine it is black with silver studs…but I don’t even use it in public anymore. Then she went on to compliment her nails….all the while I am standing in line with my uneven, broken nails that I did not have anyone clip even for me yet. I was wondering what she would think of my nails and I was glad they were clean. She did not compliment me on my paint splattered worn t-shirt, but she was pleasant and asked how I was today. So no big deal, but then on a TV show today I saw a women who would not take a picture of her hands to show off her engagement ring until she had them filled by a plastic surgeon. Really, I thought they just looked like normal human hands. They were not abnormally huge (like man hands on Seinfeld), fat, crooked, webbed….they looked average to me. On can people cope and cary on with their lives if this it what they are preoccupied with? How do so many people get this way? I feel like I live on the wrong planet or amongst the wrong species.

Since I am ranting, and not positive here is a bit of both. My ebay sales have been tanking. I took it upon myself to put on a facebook group, I am on, one single item I am selling the group might be interested in. I sold it! I had over 80 views of that item, vs the 3 or 4 I usually get. Ebay sucks at promoting and having things come up in a search. My other items got no more than usual views, so obviously no one looked at my other items. Just also want to rant that group usually goes gaga over items made in China just because they resemble slightly a camper or part of a theme they like. People should be more conscious of what they purchase and why.

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