Q. What happens when your internet does not work right for months?

A. You get frustrated, waste hours on the phone with customer service, spend way over budget on gas to get to the library to make Ebay labels, lose money on reduced ebay sales because you can not list new things, drive to the local Dunkin Donuts to use free wifi, have several techs come to your home, forget your passwords to WordPress since you have not used it in eons….Sorry, it has been so long….but I finally have a different internet service now.

I am trying to catch up with all my online activities, such as Ebay, Craigslist, FB Poker, paying bills, watching movies of my granddaughter, watching Netflix….I certainly can live without internet since I did the first thirtysomething years of my life, but it does make life easier (and cheaper) when I live with it.

Other mostly non-internet things I have been enjoying lately are sleeping in, going to the Friday night auctions (not this past Friday), spending a weekend watching my Granddaughter (who will be one so soon) while my daughter helps clean my house, an occasional meetup group, reading real books from the library, slowly de-hoarding my house, thinking about exercising but not doing much more than stretching, trying to get my son to do more than video games, snuggling with my old expensive (vet bills) dog, and over eating (with out eating too much sodium). I am trying to change my mental attitude about eating since I gained so much after initially losing weight after my stroke. The brand of ice cream my son and I love is on sale this week, which prompted me to write this post. Good thing I can not order ice cream online and have it delivered or my freezer and belly would be full of ice cream until I stroked or had a clogged heart. When I had my stroke and I spent the first week in the hospital scared I would stroke again, and certainly felt like I did several times. I kept thinking my lack of exercise and weight gain played a big role in causing my stroke. My doctors said it was my unmedicated high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, and family history was the causing factors. No therapies I received since the stroke included diet therapy, except the ones via self-help.

To keep this short, I now am at my all time highest weight ever. I have not really walked any great distance since September and my exercise ball is half deflated. I am going to try to walk the sidewalk into town, working up to the post office and back. Hopefully everyday that is not a downpour or ice storm/

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